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Let’s just say furniture and interior design have always been in our blood. Our business really started back over three generations ago with family being furniture manufacturers and importers in England. This naturally led to a passion for beautiful things and a desire to create spaces to be adored by ourselves and others.

We met in 2004 in England, whilst Ferg was on his OE and it wasn’t long before I found myself calling New Zealand home. By 2010 we had our two children Taylor and Hugo and were busy Waikato Dairy Farmers. In 2016 our lives changed after a spinal injury caused us to take a change of direction. We had always talked about bringing the beautiful products I had seen in my father’s shop to the NZ market and this was the catalyst that was needed to make this happen.

In 2016 we began our business of importing into NZ, bringing quality and beautiful homewares to the NZ market at affordable prices. We love creating a personal buying atmosphere, and ensuring our customers get the best service possible.
We are slowly developing our stock lines and are working hard to bring to you more gorgeous items in the near future!!
Please take a moment to browse through our website and contact us if you need any further information, we are always happy to help!